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 Why fishermen all over the world are loyal to SEIWA products

Made in Europe

Made in Italy

SEIWA products are made in Italy, in the Tuscan Nautical District with passion and more than three decades of Know-How in marine electronics and charting systems.  


Designed for professionals

Designed for Professionals

SEIWA products are designed to meet the specific needs of maritime professionals, to work under harsh conditions, and to be handled with working gloves. Our devices are rated IPX6 Waterproof .

Built to last

Built to last

SEIWA's philosophy is to provide products that do not age, with long-lasting hardware and constantly evolving software, that is improved also thanks to our customers' feedback.





Black box chartplotter and multifunction controller, the perfect mate for the professional fishermen. 

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Plug&play module adding latest generation CHIRP echosounder and fish finder capabilities to your navigation system.

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SWx 1200 w


SWx 1200w

12” marine navigation system combining touch screen with the reliability of an ergonomic keyboard.
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Radar Antenna MDS-12


Radar Antenna MDS-12 

Transforms your chartplotter into an integrated radar display for visual situational awareness.

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Sitex MDA-5AIS Class B/SO Transceiver/Splitter


Class B/SO AIS Transceiver / Splitter

New 5 Watt AIS with built in Antenna Splitter
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m8 smart gps receiver


M8 Smart GPS receiver 

Waterproof Satellite Differential GPS Receiver
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Autopilot AP05


Autopilot SW AP05

The intelligent autopilot system for both power and sail 6m – 40m

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GPS Vector Compass


GPS Vector Compass 

Compact GPS Positioning and Heading Smart Antenna
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Compatible transducers for SEIWA echosounders 

The quality of the transducers is as important as the quality of the sonar, that’s why we have selected the best transducers in the market, offering a range of options for different uses. 

Find out which is the best transducer for your activity.

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APPS for professional fishing

Find out how a connected SEIWA can make your job easier

Captain Cloud

Never lose your data again, keep them safe and private!


Your fishing tracks and your marks such as the position of your nets or special fishing spots you have saved over the years are your most precious data. 

That’s why we want to make sure you never lose them. You can synchronize your data with CaptainCloud to keep them safe and private.


*Compatible with SEIWA SWx series and EXPLORER 23 WiFi 

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Use CAPTAIN CLOUD before the work:

Prepare your work before the fishing trip

Build a route on your Captain Cloud account at home and find it ready on board on your connected SEIWA navigation system. 

Use Captain cloud after the work

After the fishing trip

Save data while working and organize them at a later time. View and manage your routes, tracks, and marks on Captain Cloud from any connected device such as a PC or a smartphone. 

Mirror Control

Duplicate your navigation plotter


Situational awareness is key onboard. in order to keep everything under control while you move around your boat, you should have multiple navigation displays. You need at least a navigation display close to your fishing operations, and one below deck, and they must be connected between them and to all external devices.

MIRROR CONTROL is the solution to duplicate your navigation plotter at no extra cost and without any installation. You can mirror your connected SEIWA navigation system on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) through the MIRROR CONTROL APP (available for free for IOS and Android).


Get extra displays
for free!

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SEIWA Support

In-house Customer Care

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SEIWA for professional fishing

Supplying reliable marine electronics to professionals since 1984

Offering products designed specifically for professional fishermen's needs, rather than by following the latest tech trends, SEIWA has become the reference brand for fishing vessels in many countries from Asia to Europe.