Evolution Strategy

In four decades, the group has adapted
its strategy many times
to new technologies and new markets.

Milestones index

  • Early 80s   World Pioneers in electronic charts   and moving map devices

  • Early 90s  OEM marine electronics production

  • 90s  Leading GPS technology development  in aeronautical and terrestrial applications

  • Early 00s   Mass market portable GPS brands

  • Late 00s   Focus on niche markets, precision farming

  • 10s  Connected vehicles & Telematics. Automotive OE supplier

  • 20s  Any environment Telematics, IOT, Cloud services & APPS


Early 80s

World Pioneers in electronic charts and moving map devices


TWS Geonav is the first marine charting system in the world for non-professional market designed by Mr. Bianchetti and Mr. Petrocchi.

1985 cmap


C-MAP launches CF-85 the vector format for marine electronic charting that will become an international standard


TWS  starts the production of the Pan-Navigator 8640,  the first charting system based on C-MAP vector format.

OEM production service begins.

Early 90s

OEM marine electronics production


C-MAP CM93 vector format is approved as legal substitute of paper charts published by Hydrographic Offices in ECDIS systems. 

1993 faros



C-MAP’s FAROS becomes the official Software used by Hydrographic Institutes to digitize charts.

1993 oem


MARINE OEM production for major brands:  Raymarine, Garmin, Magellan, Navman, Furuno, Lowrance, JRC, JMC, Koden, Sony.


Leading GPS technology development in aeronautical and terrestrial applications


for Agusta (today Agusta Westland) the first military approved portable navigation system for helicopters.


 AvMap Electronic Knee Pad (EKP)  the portable GPS for the aeronautical sector. 

1994 Desert Cruiser


AvMap Desert Cruiser the world’s first moving-map portable navigation system for cars.


Road Cruiser:
the GPS becomes "urban": AvMap creates one of the very first navigators dedicated to the car.

Early 00s

Mass Market portable GPS brands




Geosat, the terrestrial GPS series launched in 1998, evolves and becomes accessible for the larger public in 2002 with the Geosat 2 edition followed by Geosat4, 5 and 6. The Geosat series is sold thru mass retail channels Throughout the 2000s.


AvMap SpyBox is one of the first telematics box transmitting a complete trip-log via SMS, used as a fleet management system by trasport companies.


AvMap starts supplying car manufacturers, producing standard equipment portable GPS in special editions of Peugeot cars. in 2005 Peugeot launches 206 GEOSAT, named after the AvMap portable GPS.



AvMap Geosat 6 Phone TV,  the world’s first  GPS with built-in breath analyzer, GSM and DVB TV.

Late 00s

Focus on niche markets Military and Precision Farming


AvMap Geosat 5  for Mitsubishi L200 Savana ( Brazil ). 
AvMap supplies the Brazilian Federal Police Department.

2007 cmap


C-MAP is sold to Jeppesen (Boeing Group) while the TWS GROUP keeps the OEM production service for Jeppesen’ customers among which Furuno, Yaesu.  


AvMap launches FARMNAVIGATOR the first portable GPS dedicated to Precision Farming.


Mine field tracing GPS for the Italian Military Institute for Geography (IGM), used in Lebanon missions. 


 Connected Vehicles & Telematics


AvMap Navi Box connects to the head unit display through Mirror Link, one of the first of this kind. Produced for TOYOTA Motors Europe and PSA group.


AvMap EngiBOX the engine monitoring system for ROTAX aircraft engines includes a Cloud-based Portal where users can monitor the performance of their engine anytime.


AvMap enters into an agreement with Aioi Nissau Dowa Insurance (ANDI) for supplying Insurance telematics devices. 


AvMap 4G HotSpot with telematics functionalities homologated for use in all TOYOTA and Lexus models in Europe.


 Any Environment Telematics, IOT, Cloud services & APPS


EKOWAY is an advanced Waste Trucks fleet management for Public Administrations, controlling the job of each collector, communicating with waste collection control Portal.
#WasteManagement  #SmartCities #Telematics

2020 lora


TWS starts production of  IoT enabling electronics for industrial devices & LoRA modules for industrial and commercial applications.
#IoT  #SmartObjects #smartCities



1MINUTE RTK is a connected high-precision GNSS antenna for precision farming with a Cloud-based service  to monitor works in the fields.   
#Agriculture4.0 #ConnectedFarm


G12 Panorama is the first 12" panoramic multifunction system for agriculture displaying field view and ISOBUS tools at the same time in a split screen. Featuring an innovative Remote Assistance service for farmers.  
#Agriculture4.0 #ConnectedFarm

To be continued...