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Smart electronics for B2C, B2B and OEM markets since 1994


Origin and Inspiration


Origin and Inspiration

Carrara, Tuscany, Italy

This territory lapped by the sea  and crowned by Alps 

has inspired us to apply our technology 

to explore land, sea and sky.

A long story short

From airways to roadways,
from blue seas to green fields

AvMap is the Italian manufacturer of smart electronics since 1994. In 30 years of activity, AvMap has led the development of the GPS technology in any sector of mobility.

AvMap was established in Italy in 1994 within the TWS Group, active in the sector of assisted navigation since 1984, and which included C-MAP, the world leader in electronic charting technology. The company made its debut in the professional aeronautical market with the EKP (electronic kneepad), a successful flight navigation system sold worldwide. 

Soon after, AvMap transferred its electronic cartography expertise from the aeronautical to the terrestrial sector, becoming a pioneer in satellite navigation solutions and fleet tracking systems. Business has then been expanded to Precision Farming, Automotive Electronics, any-environment Telematics and IoT.


The TWS Group

A vertically integrated group


AvMap, with its own branches and through commercial agreements, is part of a group of companies that specialized in different stages of the production process: from engineering to manufacturing, marketing and distribution. The group solid background and in-sourcing vision has allowed AvMap to maintain its production facilities in Italy.


TWS Holding: financial management, administration and logistics

TWS Automation: industrial automation machines

TWS: electronics design and production

AvMap: software development, product marketing.


Proprietary Technology


Proprietary Technology

From software development to hardware engineering and SMT manufacturing, everything is sourced within the group.

30 years


30 Years of Know-How

We are one of the pioneers of GPS navigation and smart electronics, and after 30 years, we still continue to produce in Italy with the highest quality standards. 

Knowledge Transfer


Technology Transfer

We transfer technologies among different environments and markets, through a wide panorama of applications from avionics to precision farming, from telematics to marine electronics.

efficient project Management


Fast Project Management

The combination of flexible production, long-time expertise, knowledge transfer through different markets makes it possible for AvMap to develop complex products in a limited time.


Evolution Strategy

In four decades, the group has adapted
its strategy many times
to new technologies and new markets.

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Milestones index

  • Early 80s   World Pioneers in electronic charts   and moving map devices

  • Early 90s  OEM marine electronics production

  • 90s  Leading GPS technology development  in aeronautical and terrestrial applications

  • Early 00s   Mass market portable GPS brands

  • Late 00s   Focus on niche markets, precision farming

  • 10s  Connected vehicles & Telematics. Automotive OE supplier

  • 20s  Any environment Telematics, IOT, Cloud services & APPS


Sectors of Activity

 From GPS exploration to any-environment Telematics and IoT

Marine Electronics


Marine Electronics




Precision Farming


Precision Farming

Automotive Industry


Automotive Electronics



Military Electronics







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AvMap s.r.l. a socio unico

Viale Zaccagna 6, - 54033 Carrara (MS) Italy
LAT: 44° 02' 34" N ; LON: 10° 03' 49” E

Cap.Soc.€ 10,400.00 i.v.
N.REA: 94805
Iscr. al Reg. Imprese di Massa  Carrara,
P.IVA and C.F.: 00610230450

Tel: +39 0585 7721
[email protected]

AvMap Satellite
Navigation Inc.
Massachussets, USA
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AvMap do Brasil Ltda
São Paulo, Brazil
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AvMap Ukraine Ltd.
Kyiv, Ukraine
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AvMap Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia
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Since the invasion of Ukraine, we have voluntarily cancelled the supply of our products and services to the Russian market.  However,  we have chosen to keep paying salaries to our employees in the Russian branch (software developers who have collaborated with our company for decades) to support them and their families.

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